Technical details

Our bags are manufactured from high quality
waterproof codura and specially impregnated leather.


Although they are lightweight, they are very good at securing
instrument against the influence of atmospheric conditions
and mechanical damage.


They are very good alternative for hard and heavy carrying cases made ​​from ABS or plywood.

Lightweight, resistant to mechanical
damage and weather conditions
codura or cowhide leather:
Very good security for the instrument,
depending on the instrument, by 20mm
or 30mm PE or PU foam::
Reliable zippers and sliders
from YKK company:
Special snap-type fittings, semicircles, etc.
produced for our purposes:
All of our cases, on request of the client,
are equipped with additional bags to store notes
(permanent or removable), music stand,
mouthpieces, grooming materials etc.
Each bag has either fixed (kept in a special pocket)
or removable braces, in order to allow
lighter and convenient transport facility:
In the whole range of colors (codura, leather
and finishes), which is published on our website,
we can select the colors and materials
based on your request
We are here to make our client’s wish and bag a reality!